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Manfred, you've helped us fight for justice, sustainability and equality. Now, let us help you fight for the values and issues close to your heart.
Please sign the petition today! You Have the Power to Make Change in Selent
Dear Manfred,

We often ask you to sign petitions about big issues. We want to stop toxic emissions from power plants and repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. You've been a part of some incredible victories for public health, environmental protection and justice.

But no one knows your values better than YOU. That's why we want to empower you to fight for the change you believe in with your own petition.

Great activism doesn't always come from the top. Real change happens all the time in communities around the country, fixing the small things, like reuniting a veteran with his dog, making sure same sex couples can visit each other in the hospital and saving two seals on death row. Each of these victories were won by people just like you -- citizens who saw or experienced injustice and wanted to do something about it.

You've already helped make the world a better place by taking action on Care2. Now, the Care2 community of activists is ready to give back and help you make change in your own community. Do you want better maintenance of your park trails? Potholes filled faster? More communications from the school board? Start a petition today, ask your friends to sign and let us help you make your case.

Thank you for being an engaged member of our community. Keep signing petitions and start your own to do all you can to make the world a little better off.
care2 Thank you for making a difference,

Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team
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